Welcome to the new 3DPP

New and Improved…

Now we’re back in action! This is the new version of 3D Print Perfection, with a little bit of a different layout…

Now you’re probably wondering why even change anything? It seemed fine before and the layout was good so what gives? Money, plain and simple. This website is my passion project and basically a month to month payment wasn’t working out. So when I changed my plan to accommodate that(Changed to a yearly subscription as well), all of my old content and data was deleted.

So even though the site has had some growing pains I feel like we can move on now and can really start back where I left off(kind-of).

Working with some new equipment including a used Canon EOS Rebel SL1. Not the greatest camera in the world but its worlds better than what I had. Also picked up some used lenses from the pawn-shop(they had a whole bin!), so now I can take some nice close-ups and even macro shots.

Finally we’ve also acquired a resin printer! This is going to be a game changer in terms of material and design. I have a bunch of cool projects and experiments in the works(printing with quartz, tungsten powder, rockwell and maybe some carbon fiber) for this baby. So that about wraps up this short update, more content soon, much more.

ARRGGGGH! See’yah next time matey!