New CoreXY Design for the Ender 5

Hello everyone, and what a glorious day it was. Loving the weather here in Ontario, beautiful blue skies. In any case I took some time today to work on my new design for the Ender 5. The idea is to create a low cost CoreXY design that can still provide great quality prints without having to break the bank. I plan on implementing a 3/4″ right angle aluminum bar for the rail mounts and the crossbar for the XY brackets and it’s all held together by printed parts. I’m going to try to print some piece for it tonight to look a fit and finish but I’d really like to use carbon fiber filament or ABS filament.

New Corexy Design

As for the carrier I would really like to use a box section of aluminum, but if I really want to make this accessible and low cost I think that’d be out of the question. So I’m left with mounting to the top of the aluminum bar or on the bottom(Mgn12h Rail). I’m think the top would be optimal. Been working on the motor mounts and idler placement and just working out some basic concepts.

I’ll try to keep update for this flowing, and hopefully(with enough work) I’ll have a download and reference prints to show.