Ender 5 Rebuilt: Electronics Enclosure

So after building the enclosure for the printer, I thought it would only be natural to put together a proper enclosure for the electronics mounted on the rear of the cabinet.

As for the controller board, I started with an STM32F103RET6 or STM32F103FET6 I can’t remember the versions of creality boards were which off the top of my head, but I believe the RET6 was 4.2.2 and FET6 was 4.2.7. Not entirely sure but the board that comes with the printer isn’t terrible but after a while something went wrong with the fans. I think it was the mosfets.

Original Hack n Slash

So after that I purchased a Big Tree Tech SKR E3 Mini v2. Great little drop in replacement with trinamic stepper drivers built in. Really enjoyed using it but over time it left me wanting more.Which brings me to the Fystec Big Dipper Board. This is probably not the best for beginners but if you’re looking for something to grow into this is the best option. I’ve chosen this board because I have future plans of adding a tool changer to my Ender.

So with this being a duet clone I really wanted to have everything mounted under one ‘hood’ so to speak. I am currently using 2 power supplies and 2 SSRs. The actual cover is fasten via 3″ hex stand-offs.

The two solid state relays control a 110v mini blower fan(intake) and the current part cooling solution, a pond pump.

Current experimental part cooling solution. Seems to be working extremely well with PLA, almost no noise to speak of and the output is comparable to a cpap fan.

There is also a 4 channel Arduino relay mounted in there as well. This is for the future to control various accessories. Please excuse the wiring, it’s a little messy.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to route the wiring for the water and air pump through the enclosure via aviation plugs I had laying around.

Overall I really enjoyed the project and it’s challenges. The final look isn’t the greatest but I’m happy with it and I think this will be easy to add on to in the future.

So if you’re feeling adventurous try it yourself, if you do though plan, plan and plan some more. Really, try to develop your ideas on paper and implement them step by step in your head. Try to go over every detail. The little things seem to matter most.

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