Ender 5 Rebuilt: Changing the Motion Platform

CoreXY Modification

This is a must, especially for faster printing. With the way the ender 5 was built(the frame) it’s pretty much a given that this printer needs a coreXY motion system.

CoreXY Configuration, Source: 2012 Ilan E. Moyer @ www.corexy.com

Advantages of Core XY

Speed is the main one. Reducing the overall weight of the gantry assembly really helps. The construction of said system is a little simpler than the H-bot configuration that was present before. There are a lot less places for the assembly to become loose/misaligned over time.

Original Ender 5

Space is another great advantage of this modification. After installation I’ll gain an additional 15mm in each direction for the X-axis and 45mm for the Y-axis. This will be great for adding a nozzle cleaner and filament garbage shoot(place for purged filament to go, can be implemented with g-code).

source: Aliexpress


Now it’s not all good, there are some problems with this system that may not be obvious at first glace. First of all is the belts. The belts can stretch or become unparalleled. This can decrease accuracy over time. To combat this I’ve chosen to used steel core belts.

Also there is the frame. Don’t get me wrong, great, well built frame(well as good as you can get for cheap aluminum extrusion) but if its not square then neither are your prints. So make sure to check over time(every month or every 300 prints or when the printer is moved a bunch).

Now if you’re feeling like you want to make the conversion, head over to thingiverse and have a look. I downloaded this one for the ender 5 from there, I have listed the link below.


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